I like to highlight life as it is right then because it can be quite colorful and captivating all on it’s own.  I find that during shoots, I don’t need to over-direct or strive for certain poses. Just by encouraging people to be who they are, it leads to photos that are open and real.

That’s the goal here at Gillean J Photography: Open. Real. Natural. Captivating. Life




In my photos, I love that:

            Stories are told one click at a time

            Creativity and natural smiles go hand in hand

            Emotions of the moment can be felt long after the photo has been taken

            Small details that we didn’t plan for but fall in love with get caught on film

            Sometimes you can even spot the moment all the nerves melt away and true smiles start to surface


Here at Gillean J Photography, I help you tell your story, share your moment, and celebrate a milestone through a lifestyle or a documentary style photo shoot. To get on the schedule, please contact me here.