You may have noticed that throughout the site, I’ve directed you to check out the information on my client experience blog.

Why? Because I want you to be aware of how things run around here. It’s a bit more than letting me know what you want, planning a date to meet and then handing you the images on a disk or emailing over a link. There is so much more! So much more that you’ll get out of this experience and so much more that I want to give you. So let’s take a deeper look into what goes into a typical photo shoot with me.



I like to chat with potential clients. To be able to give you the best pricing and make sure we’ll work well together, I’ll need to know you and you’ll need to know me too. This is the very first step to working with me. After an initial email, Facebook message or phone call, we would set up our first in-person meeting  just to see if we’re a good fit.

Once we’re happy to work with each other, we go through the business and financial aspect. This is a relatively easy time. During our time together, I’ll give you quotes on what I can offer you from start (shoot fees) to finish (you get to see product samples!) You’ll in turn let me know what date you’re interested in. I give you some time to really think it through if needed and when you’re ready, the contract and invoice are sent your way.

Once that’s squared away, the fun begins!



As a client of Gillean J Photography, you’ll get access to the locked client lounge here on the website. You’ll be given your welcome magazine, your photo shoot planning board and access to my calendar so we can set a date for your vision design consultation. This is where we get to know each other even more and hammer out all the details of your photo shoot. If you’re doing a lifestyle shoot, clothing options will come into play (don’t worry! Your magazine will come in handy here!)  and if you’re doing a documentary shoot, I’ll go into details about what you can expect on shoot day. Here’s a quick tip: it’s okay to pretend I’m not there if you feel the need! Here’s a blog post with a bit more information for Documentary shoots.

As we get closer to your shoot, I’ll keep in touch, go over details and make sure all the financial and business details are settled. Expect to receive a reminder email or call from me just prior to your shoot! Weather updates if needed will be sent over and I’ll resend my contact information. I’m available to you when you need me so make sure to put that to use if you need to.

Current cover of the Lifestyle welcome magazine

After your shoot,

I love sneak peeks and after most shoots, I try to find at least one photo that I can send as a thank you for allowing me to be on your team. This photo is not meant to be shared. It’s just for you and to ease any kind of nervousness or curiosity that you might have like these:

Did the photos come out okay?

What do the photos look like?

What did I look like?

Trust me, you look great! I try to answer those questions while you wait for the next step which is your big reveal – your personal preview and ordering appointment. We set up a date to meet again so that you can finally take a look at your photos within a short time after your shoot. 

I’ll have products on hand again for you to look at, touch and ooh over (that’s the best part!). If meeting in your home, I am happy to help you design a setup that will best display your photos. Following your session, final revisions to photos will be made, products will be ordered and then I’ll hand deliver them to you (if you’re local, that is) and will help you set them up at no charge to you. With a purchase of $500, you’ll receive your own online ordering gallery so that you can order more products whenever you’d like. Otherwise, I am a phone call or email away should you need to order anything else.



If you’re okay with it, I’d love the chance to share your photo-story on Instagram, Facebook and do a write up on the blog. I am happy to tag or link to a website as well. This is the time when I put your photos out into the public. You are welcome to opt out as well. No hard feelings!

Here’s an example of a photo story. I share just a few photos from your shoot and your condensed story over a day or two. In this one, I told of hearing from Brooke all the way to meeting her family all the while sharing those sweets photos that you can see more of here. The blog post tells the full story from my perspective and I’m always happy to share a link to yours if you’re a blogger.


I’ll check in with you following the delivery and set up of your products just to make sure that you’re happy. Client access to the lounge continues even when your shoot has finished. I’ll have client surveys, information on the referral program and coupons and shoot discounts available to you there and remember, your review is always appreciated. You are welcome to send that at any time.

So now that you’re a bit more aware of the process, I’m here for any questions you may have. Just get in touch through the contact page and ask away. 

Let Me Help: The Client Experience at Gillean J Photography
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