I’ve been a very bad Texan all these years. I hadn’t managed to take my child to have Bluebonnet photos taken.

And I’m the photographer!

Earlier this week, I decided to put my camera and these beautiful flowers to use before they leave for another year.


While getting ready for the shoot, I took some time to decide what to wear.

Do I go for naturals? Bright colors? Matching? Contrasting? Patterns!?


In my welcome style guide, I tell clients to consider the location when choosing outfits. I’ll add, don’t forget to take the time of day and the season into consideration too.

For this shoot, it was to be closing in on sunset with a beautiful orange/pink sky. The bluebonnets are a deeper blue with the green of the grass showing through. I immediately knocked any similar blues off the list to avoid blending in with the  flowers. That meant green had to go too. Whites would be crisp and an okay choice since it is Spring but black is not the look we’re going for in what is supposed to be the bright, cheery, sunny season. Bluebonnets have white tips so white could have matched but wouldn’t have popped or stood out as well as I would have liked.

For many, patterns are hard. When do you choose them, how, what size. For Bluebonnets, it’s okay to say no or to have just one person in smaller prints. Save the big, bold checkered pattern or thick stripes for another time.


In the end, my biggest suggestion is this:

Go for color!

Bright or even muted colors are beautiful in front of these flowers. Yellows, pinks, reds, oranges, peach for starters. They give you a pop of color without taking away from the flowers. Skip the browns and neutrals and go bright to stand out best or muted for subtle hints of color. I chose a muted yellow for our shoot and I’m happy with the outcome.

Here are a couple favorites of mine:


For this shoot, I wanted the flowers in full view which meant getting low. From there I treat him just as I do any other client. We talk, we laugh, we joke and then his smile and expressions just come out and brighten up the photo. No specific posing needed. To see more of our Bluebonnet shoot, check out my Lifestyle portfolio.


During the months of March thru April, Bluebonnets are in full bloom. If you’d like to interview for a Bluebonnet photo shoot, all you need to do is get in touch with me on my contact page here and we can chat about what you’re looking for.



Let Me Help: What You Should Wear For Your Bluebonnet Photo Shoot

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