I arrived early on a Monday evening as I had before and stayed a couple hours with the Blair’s.

During the visit, I watched Kinsley bake a birthday cake that came out so perfect I could only imagine how good it tasted. I laughed as the boys made jokes and attempted to play Baseball with their dog, Apollo. I listened to snippets of song as Adam sang and watched Randi as she managed to hold and love on two babies with more ease than I have with one. I learned the meaning behind the family names and watched Hazel sleep peacefully while Lennox looked like a big boy on the floor with his mama. A family friend, Clinton Babers, stopped by to share some laughs and a song. He summed it all up in perfect words which I was thrilled to record and put at the end of this post.

I won’t write much here because, you know, that’s not my thing.  I’ll let you spend some time soaking in the love from the Blair family both in photo and in a video.




To the Blair family, thank you for being as open as you are with your life and for allowing me to come into your home to meet your family. I have been encouraged and inspired by your story and I know I’m not the only one.

There is something so special about sharing a judgement-free space with the purpose of trading stories of struggles and pain and hope and disappointment and victory and joy.  I encourage you, if you are dealing with an issue, any issue, that you may be hesitant to share, to seek out these conversations whether through friends or a support group. Just listening and being present –  I’m learning – can lead to healing in ways we may not expect and may even cause you share your own story. 


The Blair Family: Love, Faith and Peace
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