Happy Anniversary to us!

I’ve been a photography business owner for a year as of late last month. Yes, I know this post is late (this is the beautiful reason why) but I did celebrate in a little way on my own then. Well, with J along for the ride as he usually is. I baked!

I didn’t realize it when I was whipping up my cupcake batter, but there are similarities between me as a photographer and as a baker.


I’m not a pro in the kitchen just like I’m not a pro in photography. I sometimes still Google if I can’t figure out what I want to add to a mix to get a better finish. I still fiddle around with my settings and take test shots again and again to get a photo where I want it to be. You’d think I was completely new at it but no.

 I’ve been baking things here and there since I can remember and I’ve had a camera in hand just as long.

10 years ago as a university student, I was developing film in a dark room and loving it. I still have the matted prints to prove it but please don’t look too hard at them. My work wasn’t the best then just as not every item that emerged from the oven was edible. Okay it was but you couldn’t dare me to eat it all.  Not in that condition.

Still, I loved it then and love it even more now. There will always be a list on my phone of desserts I would like to master or places to visit where I can learn up close. The same can be said with my photography. I won’t ever stop walking around with it. Not just because there’s way too many onetime moments in life (and I hate to miss them!) but because the more I fiddle, the more I understand.

The more I understand, the more I want to understand. It drives me to continue turning days into weeks and months into years.


A year as a business owner comes with growth that goes beyond both cupcakes and photos and although I could go into policy side of that, the learning to say no and knowing when to say yes side. Oh and the marketing, the graphics and the late night side of that, I wont. That growth would be nothing without the families I’ve met along the way so I’d like to end with a few of the families I’ve worked with over the last year as a thank you. It’s only been a year and a handful of shoots but it has been a blessing most of all. Here’s to a productive second year with double the families and double the blessings.


1 Year with Gillean J Photography!
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