Sunday morning, I got up and made us some pancakes for breakfast.

This is nothing new for us. At least once a week I’ll get up and make them fluffy on the inside, tanned and slightly crunchy on the outside. Sometimes from scratch and sometimes from a box. By the time J got up, they were sitting out waiting for him and I was on the couch waiting to hear his cheery, “good morning!” when he walked into the room. When he caught wind of breakfast, he grabbed his plate, sat down and ate one and a half pancakes. ┬áI heard his breath catch and noticed he had dropped his second half on the floor just as he was attempting to fit the whole thing in his mouth.

I assured him it was fine and to go grab another one. No big deal. In his haste, he took off without his plate and stumbled with the last big, fluffy pancake poised on the edge of the spatula.

Yes, really.

┬áInstead of saying “that’s too bad”, I asked him if he wanted to learn to make his own. He did!

What could have been a sad ordeal, ended with smiles, pride and pancakes instead!

When you think about documentary sessions, do you think about these sorts of moments too?

Even though he can’t have a first pancake lesson a second time (well from scratch next time!), we can have more shared moments in the kitchen. Each one different than the last and each one worth grabbing a couple shots during. That’s the beauty of documentary shoots. There’s always a reason to pull out the camera. This time, pancake Sunday!

If you’d like to have your every day moments photographed, click this link and head over to my contact page. I’m always interested in hearing how I can help you preserve the times that matter to you.

Pancake Sunday: Every Day Moments In Documentary Photography
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