Last Thursday, Houston Camera Exchange held a Touch and Try night with Nikon and Profoto. This was completely new to me.  I know what touch and try means of course but what exactly would they have us do? I signed up anyway and I don’t regret it one bit. 

 I got there and was immediately greeted with a small crowd surrounding two outdoor tables that held massive containers of Nikon and Profoto products. Oh my gosh. I have never been surrounded by so many amazing and available lenses and cameras at one time in my life. All I had to do was ask (of course, you need your ID and a credit card but still!) I asked for and got a Nikon D850. This camera is a step above my new camera and comes with a price tag to match. At about $3k a pop, this camera is way more than enough for me but by the end of the night I had a major case of camera envy. With that bad boy in my hands, I took a few test shots so that I could figure out exactly what I was doing before I headed over to the models. In a matter of minutes, I met other photographers who were doing the same. All of us with new to us cameras in hand trying to figure it all out. 

Some of my straight out of camera test shots. As you can see, I needed some practice to get it right with the new camera. All the settings were different than what I was used to!


Once I was a little more ready, I made my way over to the lighting setup where photographers were taking photos of models. 

 “Come on, get in here.”

I had initially hung back to watch but after speaking to a number of photographers, I stepped  in there to get a few shots. At first its a little clumsy and slow going while you work it all out but once you have your lighting and settings in sync, it is incredibly addictive. I kept going back for more shots! There was advice at every turn – someone to explain how to set up your lighting, what the setup is, the best lighting to use. Guidance on adjusting the settings on the unfamiliar camera or how to set up the trigger for the lights. The models were completely open to posing ideas and did it all so well. 

Even though this is not quite the style that I usually shoot, what I learned that night was incredibly valuable. I can see myself adding more lighting to my setup, maybe even a home studio. I loved every part of this event and came home with photos for days. I’ll share some of them here. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a number of these there over the weekend. If not, you might want to. I like to post nearly all of my photos there first! Find my Instagram link here.

I’ll start with the behind the scenes shots and then get into the NikonD850 goodness. It truly is a worthy camera. Thank you to Profoto, Nikon, the models and Houston Camera Exchange for the Touch and Try night. 

A Touch and Try Night With Nikon and Profoto
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