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I run specials from time to time.

Sometimes, I’m looking for a family or a person or a child for a certain photo shoot idea and other times, I just want to have an event or give a quick discount. You’ll find all that information here and in the newsletter. Sign up for that on the contact page and stay up to date.

Single family mini-sessions are no longer a part of my services but if you’d like to have a mini-session with me this year, I have events coming up just for you. Check back soon for an announcement!

Ongoing specials are listed after the specials of the month. Scroll down to the bottom to check for them.


More specials are in the works! Please check back!


Model calls are OPEN for March 2019!

This is a limited photo shoot in search of new faces. 

The client walks away with 1 beautiful print (up to 8×10) with the ability to buy more and I, your happy photographer, gets to share your photos in marketing campaigns just like the ones that are posted to this page.

These shoots are pretty straightforward.

They include no extra props, only one person, 20 minutes and one outfit (unless specified) and we shoot in one agreed upon location.

Simple, right?

All we need is your beautiful face, a nice day and me with my camera. The sun is shining and I’m ready. Are you? 


Get in touch on the contact page or send an email to if you or your family would like to take part in one of the following open calls:

Please note that a few of these sessions may take longer than 20 minutes to complete. 
Family Park Day - Documentary Session

Family Dinner - Documentary Session

Family Breakfast - Documentary Session 

Family Bedtime Routine - Documentary Session

Young Adult/Adult Outdoor Headshot - Lifestyle Session

Maternity Session - In- Home Documentary 

Maternity Session - Lifestyle/Relaxed (meaning not your typical flowing dress shoot)

Fresh 48 - In Hospital Documentary Session

These sessions are first come, first serve but I’m always open to working with more families so if you see one that you want to do, don’t hesitate to get in touch and claim a session interview.